ONE WITH YOU (Book 5 Crossfire series) Review- Sylvia Day

This entire work has been so anti-climatic and lackluster that I couldn’t even recall if I had actually read it.


So I finished the last installment in the Crossfire series some weeks ago and decided to tackle a review today, problem is, I couldn’t remember if I had read the book or not. Ridiculous right. YUUP!

While I thoroughly enjoyed books 1 and 2, I still hold the belief that Day could’ve wrapped up the series in book 3 and not let us all suffer through an uninteresting 4 and an even unpalatable book 5.

If you are reading this review, I’m assuming that you’ve already suffered the first 4 installment so nothing I say here can surprise you, then you’ll know that Eva and Gideon are already married.  This book could’ve easily been book 3 as it began to some degree where that book ended- They been married but still pretending they are just still engaged. The bulk of the book is Eva quitting her job, Gideon getting use to ‘married’ life and both navigating the peril of going public and the consequences, especially for Gideon.  They’re is absolutely no information or new plot except towards the end of the novel where Day decide to give Eva’s Mom a story and voila- a sub-plot is formed. It’s like you are now reading a different book altogether.

*****wait a minute here,

who’s story is it again? why are we now embarking on Monica’s story so far into the series. We kinda get the idea that Day is now fresh out of ideas for the Gideon/Eva story and is now desperately clutching at something that her readers may find interesting. Kinda like reading a trashy story in a tabloid and following up the next day for more juicy details only to realized they have fully run out of steam.

Cary’s story which for a moment got a bit interested there was abandoned and you have the feeling like you’ve been cheated out of something that could’ve been very good- or awful- since we don’t know how stretched that could’ve ended up as well.


If you must read this, save your money and maybe look for a version online or- just continue to think that Gideon and Eva do happily ever after- The End.  There really isn’t much more to it.

Definitely a 1 star rating.


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