OH MY BLOGNESS! Where’s my money?

English: Bryanboy

English: Bryanboy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not often that I get days upon days of free time to just blog (who am I kidding, yes I do) well, those days are usually spent sleeping and reading every single item that I can find. The point I’m trying to make is, recently, with an offer from my cousin, I found myself checking out fashion blogs more and more. What I came to realize is that most are not blogs at all but a big photo album of the ‘author’ in day-to-day attire usually mimicking the broken down dolls with jutting hipbone poses with a strategically placed handbag that serves no purpose at all.  Where are the words?

As part of research for this Cuzzo of mine I fire up Google, typed in ‘fashion stylist bloggers’ and allow Mozilla to work its magic. The first thread I was presented with is a story of the most well paid fashion bloggers in the world. HOLY COW, one guy actually gets paid like $50,000 a month meanwhile I’m just here struggling to pay for a cup of (insert really cool tea name here) tea at some fancy bookshop in hopes of looking chic while I penned this entry.

Yes people like Tina Craig from those ‘snob’ sites, ‘Shoe Snobs, Jewel Snobs, Bag Snob etc and Byanboy (note the similarities, in name only) can make up to $46,000 while they are sleeping. How, you ask? well, mostly from this thing called, Affiliate Links.  When you click on an affiliate link (which, for the most part, looks just like a normal product link), the program drops a cookie on your
computer. If you buy anything from that site–even if it’s not the same product that the blogger was originally featuring–the referrer (aka the blogger) will make money from it.

The most popular way to garner earnings from your blog however is through advertising, endorsing and partnership.  Basically people, if you can be passionate about something and others can be enthused about how you present your passion, you’re about halfway there. Now, if I could only take my advice I too may be able to go to my best and here my computer cha chining. Otherwise, I’ll continue to write to appease my wondering mind in hopes that in the future (preferably very near) someone may recognize how awesome I am with this blog thing and at least gimme some free stuff.


About The Roving Reader ShenekaRushell

I'm that person who read with a flashlight when the light goes out at 2 in the morning when I'm reading a book that I absolutely cannot put down. I arrive at the destination long before I ever leave the plane.
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