No Day #14 Post. Blame Scandal

scandal cast

So dear readers, I had this great Catching Fire post all worked out in my head to post today and did the stupid thing of watching Shonda Rhimes TV epicness Scandal tonight and my head was never the same.



So, I’m sorry, (not sorry) that there is no Day 14 #NoBloPoMo13 Post but something so great was happening in that episode that I cant even rustle up enough remorse here.  so to placate everyone, here’s is five reasons why there is no post :):


  1.  We get to see Mellie’s Story and boy what a story it was

  2. We get to hate Quinn just a little bit more. stupid stupid girl.

  3.  We meet and get to hate one more controlling daddy.

  4.  Olivia or Fitz was not even the stars in this episode. Mellie was. Her strength cannot be emphasized enough and I now have no ends of respect for her.

  5.  RAPE is never the victims fault. doesn’t matter how it happen. It is NEVER her fault.


mellie on scandal

If you haven’t seen Scandal, by all means, join the revolution. we’re  just 3 seasons in.


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