Cyril Everard Palmer, 1930* – 2013

This post is about a popular Jamaican Author whose books are still used in the school reading curriculum who recently passed away. It highlights the Authors major works and achievements.


The first book that I read by Cyril Everard Palmer (popularly known as C. Everard Palmer) was A Cow Called Boy. It was fascinating to me, from the front cover until the last page. What’s not to like: Josh’s farm pet follows him to school, disrupts school, is sold, and then Josh and his friends organize to get the bull-calf (read the book to find out why the title refers to it as a cow) returned to Josh. We read it in grade four I think, sometimes taking turns to read aloud in class and always stopping to discuss what was happening and to learn new words. Then came The Cloud with the Silver Lining and on my own I sought out his other children’s books. Most of Mr. Palmer’s books were set in rural Jamaica, an environment with which he was familiar being born and raised in Kendal…

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3 Responses to Cyril Everard Palmer, 1930* – 2013

  1. Thanks for reblogging my post! So many Carib authors to rediscover, explore, and enjoy!

  2. Thanks for reblogging my post! So many Carib authors to (re)discover, explore, and enjoy!

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