Entwined with you- Sylvia Day (A crashing disappointment)

Just WTF!!! where is the rest of the Goddamn story? I was one of those people who thought the Gideon and Eva saga was going to be a trilogy so can you imagine my rage at the end of Entwined with you. I kept paging through my kindle thinking, no, this cannot be it. SERIOUSLY?!

entwined with u

A lot of nothing happen in this book let me tell you. Gideon and Eva growth as a couple showed absolutely no development.  In some instances I felt the plot slipping away from Day as she struggle to make this book into something worth reading. Readers, this is a middle book that read and feels like a middle book. Its just there taking up space until say around book 5 when I suppose the real story will make some type of good reading. I believe you can skip this book all together, as a matter a fact, skip book 4 as well when it is released and just wait for book 5 since that is when Sylvia Day will return to giving us any meat on Gideon and Eva or even Cary and his love triangle.

To its credit, the sex scenes are still steamy and deserve to be read and reread and salivate over. One particular sex encounter will have readers practically hyperventilating over the intensity of the action itself. This book is a reflection of rushed work when comparing it to the firs t two installments.

entwined n bared

This is the shortest review I have done so far as I strive to live by the mantra, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all. I love Day’s work so I will leave this book here and hope that for book 4 things will get better.

RATINGS: 5.5/10


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